ReUse Inc

ReUse Inc is just yet another experimental non-commercial economic structure.

It is an open sourced and crowd funded platform to create high qualification empowered complex items that require a lot of human efforts and then distribute it for the good of society.

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Since in ReUse Inc we are talking about personal progress and efficient time use, all your progress and work must be saved and clarified.

Once it is done and maintained – no one can argue with your efforts and participation in project.

Moreover, all data is supported with advertisement platform, so you generate some amount of value just by reporting your progress and documenting your work.

That’s why every participant is provided with ads included personal blog, where he tracks all his efforts or discuss some details with external community.

All stats data are as usual shared and available and revenues from every sources are collected to the common total value pool and distributed between every contributers.

The history of your progress is stored also in order to track the progress and plan everything efficiently.

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Since every collaborative effort in ReUse Inc is important, every participant is added to the special Hall of Fame along with their personal progress blogs and stats for the history and probably next generations.

This is a symbol of contribution of every employee and its reputation mark.

These details are stored in duplicated formats and will be available for your job resume or CV for example.

Moreover all your progress and contribution is saved in documentation and archives, so you can use it as your portfolio or qualification prove.

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So in ReUse Inc there are no offices or HQ sites, that’s why we will need some sort of ecosystem to coordinate and plan activities.

Just in the beginning we don’t have any investments and external resources, so let’s get to the basics.

Every applied volunteer or contributor as well as project will have a special blog, where he will report all his progress and describe results.

Along with that there will be an advertisement platform attached to every blog, so any activities by default will generate a tiny amount of value from advertisement that will get into the total value pool.

Moreover all documentation sites will get ads attached to it.

All the ads revenue will get to the total value pool and then will be shared between all participants.

Since every platform may not be stable enough, then a multi-platform resources will be required with duplicating data on progress and stats – we will use Google docs and apps services, Microsoft development services / tools, probably Amazon and others at the same time.

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To make the ReUse Inc growth stable and motivated there is a need for some fees or taxes to help administer it.

As a general rule, a small amount of value about 1% tax is dedicated to help manage and ensure the overall project growth.

Also there are some projects that are used by others in internal operations – like frameworks or internal productivity tools. There are also some basic quality control, security, management and compliance activities that require some support in order to function properly.

That’s why all gained value from specific project is accounted with 30% going for total value pool and 70% going to the project value pool.

Total value pool is distributed among all contributors, and project pool is distributed between project participants.

All this number values are specified and fixed for an accounting period to make things clear. They change rarely and the history of changes is saved for efficiency as well as details for accounting and planning.

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In general ReUse Inc is just a non-profit structure, focused mainly in training of employees qualifications. But in order to grow and involve high qualified participants there is a need for some real values income.

So in ReUse Inc what are the base sources of value, that we are going to convert our products to ?

Basically it is every point where we can convert it :

  • Sales of applications
  • Add-on’s sales
  • Advertisements in apps
  • In app purchases
  • Internet sites
  • Advertisements in our ecosystem
    • Employees development progress
    • Employees portfolios
    • Documentation sites
  • Source code sales
  • Maintenance and support
  • Donations for open source apps and tools
  • Investments to speed the development in specific areas