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In ReUse Inc everyone gets a simple and yet effective career plan with no “contract endings”, no “qualification limit” and constantly increasing value share part.

There is no need for special education or famous cources/degrees/diplomas, however it may come handy when you progress.

In internet everyone is anonymous, so you may be of any race, gender, age, religion, politics and education level.

You start as a volunteer to test your skills in developing simple products, and your efforts are measured with special creds.

Once you proceed, you become experienced and may evolve in several ways :

  • grow experience
  • create your own team and community
  • train new volunteers
  • engage in sales
  • get value share
  • define general areas
  • manage products

With some specified efforts minimum limit reached you get an access to all sales data and efficiency planning.

Each activity is rewarded with value share part as always.