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Since ReUse is a set of common collaborative ultra minimalistic code frameworks, so a lot of attention is required when using correct naming for structures and methods.


In general great design guidelines are :

  • try to use ultra minimalistic standard names
  • add well defined comments for methods
  • use understandable variables in methods
  • use simple and small variables in code


In ReUse most of types and methods names consists of 1 or 2 letters max.

So it is not allowed to create something like MyNewDerivedClass.MySpecialMethodToFetchTheData();

This type of code is not a good practice when using common reusable code blocks.


Since method names are limited to one or two letters, the attention must be required when sorting and placing your code in appropriate namespaces.

When simple minimalistic names are good for code reading, so it will be generally difficult to understand what current method is capable of.

That's why there is also a need for quite extensive method descriptions and comments for all ReUse structs and methods - they are visible in most IDE's when you point a mouse at method, so it will be clear to check the descriptions in comments.


When it comes to method variables - the situation is opposite - try to use complete understandable variable names and optionally place some description in comments too.