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Welcome to ReUse.Net

An example of common ReUse concept with widely used .NET languages family.

Well designed common collaborative code framework with simple main principles : heavy focus on typical code reuse, ultra minimalistic, lightweight and highly efficient, extendable.

Since most recent programming languages open source codes are not well designed, we decided to make a Well designed common collaborative code frameworks with simple main principles :

  • heavy focus on typical code reuse
  • designed to be a common code library
  • ultra minimalistic standard names
  • well defined comments
  • allow to use extensions based on core framework
  • lightweight and highly efficient
  • standard common languages base types support with extensions to custom language types

For more details see code reuse.



ReUse_Net is a common .NET code framework project, written in C#. It can be compiled using Visual Studio 2010-2019 and is set to use .Net version 4.0 and above.

Since it is designed to be really platform/architecture independent and highly portable it will be easy to port it to .NET Standard and Core versions.

The idea about this framework is to create simple reusable code blocks, both common an specific to current platform/language type.

Using .NET we trying to heavy use delegates, lambda methods and linq queries. All the methods are applied as extensions methods (using this notation and very useful quick type code functions).