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Here are some details on ReUse Net Solution structure.

Generally it consists of several libraries :

  • ReUse   -   common code "core" library
  • ReUse_Web  -  web applications specific functions
  • ReUse_Forms  -  win forms and WPF applications specific functions


Here is the structure for common code "core" library :


  • Base folder (and namespace) - contains base code, same for all c-like languages (Java, C#, C++)
  • Common folder (and namespace) - contains .NET common code, same for all .NET languages (C#, F#, VisualBasic)
  • Utilities folder (and namespace) - contains utilities common code - actions with disk files, SQL, XML, web apps and mails, etc
  • Additional folder (and namespace) - contains additional common code

In order to support external libraries some additional libraries are planned :


  • ReUse 3D  -  for common 3d data drawing apps (using some 3d party frameworks)
  • ReUse Math  -  for neural networks, advanced math, computer vision etc