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So let’s define some clear rates in ReUse Inc to share the value in case if everything will work fine.

At first there will be only promoters and coders, that’s why we’ll start with them.

As a basis we will operate with basic hours related amounts of work with average qualified efficiency.

So to rate software specialists who produce code lets define as a unit of work just a standard “screen/page” of ready to use code (without comments), provided that code is distributed normally (let’s say it is ~ a standard Word page with 11 font with no special empty spaces).

To rate a promoters we will operate with 1000 unique users clicks to the promoted resource, that is conversed to purchases and advertisement with about 1-3% efficiency.

An average coder will create a page of code for about 2-3 hours of work.

A common standard link gives you about 20-30 unique clicks, so a promoter will need to place 30-50 links to get 1000 clicks, that will take about the same amount of time.